Snowshoes walking

The trend of snowshoeing is getting more popular all around the outdoor tourist parts. So many trekkers are vivid on a nice sunny winter day on the snowy mountains.

The snowshoes helps us walking on the fresh snow, so we do not drop into the deep snow. The sharp iron nails on the bottom part of the snowshoe, prevents slipping down the icy terrain. It is easiest to walk on not too steep terrain with the snowshoes, directly down or up. On a very steep terrain, we help ourselves with sharp teethes on the front part of the snowshoe.

The first record of the snowshoes in Slovenia was in the 17th century. The researcher of the Carniola region - Valvasor was the first to report about them. With popularisation of skies, the snowshoes were forgotten for a while. They were remembered again from the Americas’ adventurers and adventurers from the western part of the Alps.

Snowshoes are easy to install. We have to adjust them to the right size of the walking shoes and then fix them with special belts. Then we are ready for an adventure. Of course, we should not forget about the walking poles, which make our tour easier. Also gaiters are recommendable.


Pac sports guides will take you on an unforgettable trekking trip in the Bohinj valley, Pokljuka plateau or Soriška planina. On request we can also take you to any other Slovenian picturesque area (Cerknica Lake, Bloke, Kranjska gora...). You will be instructed of the proper use, adjustment of the snowshoes and the way of walking with them on the whole fresh snow.

Pac sports outdoor agency provides all the necessary equipment (snowshoes and walking sticks). The guests need warm walking clothes and shoes (not skiing boots), a cap and gloves.


Snowshoes walking in Bohinj valley min 4 persons 18 €
Snowshoes trekking on the Možic Mountain min 4 persons 35 €
Snowshoe trekking trips on the paths and pathless of the Pokljuka Pateau min 4 persons 35 €
Snowshoe walk with the typical Bohinj 3 course meal min 4 persons 40 €

Snowshoes walking in the Bohinj valley

The Bohinj valley offers various snowshoes walk and trekking possibilities.

The terrains are easily reachable and easy to walk through. The marvelous views on the Julian Alps gives you the impression of being in a fairy tale.

The program also suitable for small children. We will walk through the Ukanc village - The goldenhorn fairy tale land; and narrate 7 Bohinj fairy tales to the kids. The kids also get booklet with all the fairy tales:

  • The legend of the Goldenhorn
  • The iceman of Bohinj
  • The waterman from the Bohinj Lake
  • The Polesnjak dwarf (dwarf from the Bohinj woods)
  • The Čatež dwarf (half gaot half men)
  • The Golden trout from the Bohinj Lake
  • The Govic dragon, that lives in the Cave

The duration of the program: 2 - 3 h
Difficulty: easy
Price: 18 €/pers (min 4 pax)

Snowshoes trekking on the Sorica Mountain (Lajnar & Možic mountain)

South of the Bohinj region the Lower Bohinj Mountains are raising up to the sky, with magnificent Vogel, Rodica and Črna Prst Mountains. Among those giants the 1549 m high Lajnar and 1603 m high Možic Mountains are modestly looking upon the big brothers. However, the wintertime offers ideal and not too demanding trekking option.

We start the trek on the ski resort Soriška Planina. We would most easily come on the top of the Lajnar Mountain with the ski lift; however, we make a short ascend with the snowshoes on our legs.

We will reach the top of Lajnar Mountain via ski resort Soriška planina. We will find the fortress on the top – part of the Via Alpina. Via Alpina is an Italian fortification system build during the both world wars - representing the protective zone between the Italy and the kingdom of Jugoslavia. At that time, Via Alpina represented one of the biggest fortification systems in the Europe. The entrance into the fortress is on the southern part of the Lajnar ridge.

From Lajnar to Slatnik we follow the ridge in the direction North-West. In the sunny weather, we will have the view all the way to the Adriatic Sea and Venice, while on the northern side the Triglav Mountain and other Julian giants will look down on us. We will have the view over the Karavanke Mountains and far away, Kamniško Savinjske Alpe are visible. But carefull, the Sorica region lies between the Mediterranean and Alpine climate area, so also heavy winds and unpleasant weather conditions are possible.

On our way to Možic, we come across the GAF stronghold, which can  be easily confused for a convenient mountain hut.

We reach Možic Mountain in an hour. As the snowshoes help us walking on the top of the fresh snow without dropping in, it make the trekking easy and comfortable. On the top the Bohinj Lake as well as Bled Lake with magnificent Bled Castle are visible.

From the Možic Mountain back to the starting point, we cut the way directly to the mountain hut on the ski resort. In good conditions, we will need no more than 1 hour, where we finish our trip with the hot tea.

The duration of the program: up to 5 h
Difficulty: middle/hard
price: 35 €/pers + 5 €/pers transfer Bohinj – Soriška planina – Bohinj (min 4 pax)

Snowshoe trekking trips on the paths and pathless of the Pokljuka Pateau

Pokljuka is the high carst plateau forested with magnificent pine trees. It is the biggest forested area of the Triglav National Park. It is 20 km long and 20 km wide.

The area is full of hidden abyss, overgrown sinkholes and marshes. That is  the heritage of the Pokljuka glacier. The Pokljuka Marsh is the southest lying high marsh in the Europe.

The big trees and silence of the area is affecting peacefully on the visitor and is perfect for a calm down after the busy everyday life.

We will start our walk at the Jelka hotel. From there we will walk to the Pokljuka Marsh. If the snow cower is big enough, we will walk through it, otherwise we will make a circle around and check for the significant features of the high marsh.

From there, we will make a walk to the Javorniška planina pastures, with a view to the Viševnik Mountain and slowly return back to our starting point.

The duration of the program: up to 4 h
Difficulty: middle
price: 35 €/pers + 5 €/pers transfer Bohinj – Pokljuka – Bohinj (min 4 pax)

Snowshoes walking trip with the finish in a traditional Bohinj restaurant

This trip is designed for the gourmands, who would like to enjoy the peacefull Bohinj landscape in the wintertime.

After an hour of an easy walk over the Senožeta pastures with a view to the Slovenian highest mountain Triglav (2864 m), we will finish our trek in a traditional Bohinj guesthouse Rupa for a traditional Bohinj 3 course meal.

The trip is also possible in the evening hours with the headlamps.


The duration of the program: 1 h of walk
Difficulty: easy
price: 40 €/pers (min 4 pax)

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