Hydrospeed - what is that?

Some people find hydrospeed the most extreme of all our down the river activities as there is only a river board between us and river waves and rocks. The participants have to hold a river board with their hands. With the fins on the feet, we have to be faster than the current, to conquer the rapids of the river Sava Bohinjka.


Soteska - Boh. Bela 4 - 8 persons 39 €

Hydrospeed guided tour:

There is only a river board, called boogie, between you and the river. You are holding it beneath you and descend down the river along with the current and rapids. Participants are also equipped with helmets and fins on their feet, so that they are able to experience the river on a most exciting way.

Meeting point: Hostel Pod Voglom. The instructors will choose your appropriate size of wet suit, neopren shoes, fins, helmets and life vests. They will transport you to the starting point and back with a van. 

Starting point for hydrospeed is in Soteska - half way between Bohinj and Bled and we finish hydrospeed in Bohinjska Bela village. Length of the tour is about 5 km and we are conquering rapids 1,5 hour on the river. Difficulty level of the river is 2-4. It takes about 4 h for the whole tour, including the transport and preparations.

Additional usefull information:

Meeting point: Hostel Pod Voglom (Bohinj, Ribčev Laz)
Number of participants: 4 – 8
Necessary equipment: swimming suit, towel, T-shirt
Duration: 4 -5 h