Exploring caves

Exploring caves or speleology with Pac sports caving instructors will be completely different experience as a visit to the Postojna or Škocjan cave.

Slovenia has over 8000 registrated caves and abysses. With our help you can explore the most magnificent one in Bohinj - the Govic cave. During the long periods of rain, this cave is filled with water, which bursts out as powerful waterfall. During the summer period, the cave is mostly dry, while in the lower part of the cave we will come across the most beautiful small lake.

Govic cave exploring

Govic cave is a famous Bohinj cave with a special local legend and it is the cave which, during the heavy rains, spits water out to the surface. In summer time the cave is dry, so it is available for guided tours, where Pac sports can take its customers all the way to the lowest point of the cave, where a beautiful small underground lake is hidden.

We start the tour with a canoe and paddle across the Lake Bohinj, where we leave our boats and climb up to the entrance of the cave. First, there is a little bit demanding 25 m climb (difficulty climbing  level 3-4), where you will be protected with a rope by our instructor.

At the entrance instructor descents you down to the cave abyss with a rope and a ladder. There are 3 longer descends, always with a help of the instructor. At the end we will see a small undergound lake and then climb back to the surface. We return to the starting point with a canoe.

As exploring Govic cave represents quite a demanding access to the cave and it is a whole day trip, it is appropriate for sportive adults and those who have some previous climbing experience.

Meeting point: Hostel Pod Voglom (Bohinj, Ribčev Laz)
Number of participants: 3 - 8
Necessary equpment: good walking shoes or boots, warm protective clothes, appropraite for cave exploring.
Duration: 7 - 8 h

Cave Pod babjim zobom

Cave Pod babjim zobom is located in the surrounding of Bled, so Pac sports organizes tours only for groups (min 10 persons), according to the previous agreement.

Tour is appropraite for all kind of visitors. It includes a 1,5 h walking trip to the cave and a 2-hour visit inside the cave.

Necessary equipment:    

As the cave is located on the 1008m, visitors have to pass 350m height difference. Good walking shoes are recommendable. Temperature in the cave is 8 degrees C, so we recommend some warm clothes, a T-shirt, walking poles and a snack.  

Duration: 6 h