BOHINJ OUTDOOR MIX - summer&winter option

Bohinj summer mix (3 activities - mountain biking, climbing, canoeing)

The pupils are divided into three groups. One group joins the mountain bike trip, second group joins the rowing lessons on the lake Bohinj with the Canadian canoes and the third group is climbing on the 25 m natural wall. After an hour and a half all three groups meet at the hostel. The groups make a rotation and are off for the next activity.

The activities are chosen in advance by the leaders of the group (teacher, scout leader...). Other options to choose among (archery, sit on top kayak on lake Bohinj, outdoor sport games/orientation, etc.)

  • 15 € /person (3 activities - duration: app. 4-5 hours);
    high season: 18 €/person
  • if only 2 activities 13 €/person (duration: app. 3 hours);
    high season: 15 €/person
  • if only one activity: 12,00 €/person

Necessary equipment: sport clothes and shoes

Meeting point: Hostel pod Voglom - Ribčev laz 60

Winter sport mix (3 activities - snow rafting, snowshoeing, ice skating)

Pupils are divided into 3 groups. Each group does all 3 activities by swapping every 1,5 hour..

Snowshoes walking trips

We organize snowshoes walking tour on the slopes in Bohinjska Bistrica, combined with snow rafting or ice skating. Pupils will have a chance to explore hidden corners in the Triglav National park with us.

Snow rafting

In winter time we use adventure raft boats to slide down the slopes in small groups. It is a great fun for kids and they can slide as many times as they want to. Activity usually lasts about 1,5 hour.

Ice skating

We organize ice skating in the skate area in Bohinjska Bistrica or Senožeta.

  • 2 activites: 10 €/person (duration: app. 3 hours),
  • if 3 activities 13 €/person (duration: app. 4-5 hours)

Necessary equipment: warm winter clothes, gloves, cap and warm winter boots. Some warm tea and extra clothes to change after the activity are recommendable!

Meeting point: Bohinjska Bistrica, parking place besides campsite Danica.