Treasure hunt

The program includes BIKING TOUR, CANOEING and, if preferred, a SHORT ORIENTATION WALK. It also includes different problems and tasks, which have to be solved by the participants.

The participants are divided into groups-teams and each member of the group has to take an active part in solving the tasks, by which we stimulate working cohesion. At the same time the teams are competing among each other, by which we stimulate positive competing environment among participants.


With the help of a map and a compass the teams have to find defined hidden locations – ‘treasures’. Those treasures represent either questions that have to be answered, or letters of the slogan, which the team has to solve at the end of the tour. The questions are usually defined by management beforehand (regarding the business strategy, new product, the history of the company…).


Recommendable number of participants: > 15

Duration: 3 - 4 h

Necessary equipment: sport clothes and shoes

Price:     30 € /person

Price also includes a champagne for the winning team.