Bohinj Olympics are designed as interesting competitive outdoor games.

The participants are divided into groups/teams, which have to solve designed obstacles and problems. The problems and obstacles can not be solved by the individual participant alone, but with the cooperation of every team member.

This stimulates to a great extent working cohesion and cooperation among the team members. At the same time the teams are competing among each other, by which we stimulate positive competing environment among participants. Those are the reasons, which make the Bohinj Olympics the ideal team building program for companies and other teams (sport teams).

The teams are led by the professional Pac sports instructors that also keep the record of the achieved points. At the end of the programme Pac sports instructors announce the winner of the Bohinj Olympics.


Recommendable number of participants: > 15

Necessary equipment: sport clothes and shoes

Duration: 2 – 3 h

Price:    25 €/person